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Iyengar Class

We cannot truly heal until the the suffering and oppression of others is recognized and repaired.

I am committed to being actively anti-racist in my role in the wellness community by educating myself about BIPOC ancestral trauma around health care, and continuing to speak up about what I am learning with other practitioners and clients. 

I offer sliding scale appointments to all BIPOC clients so they have access to holistic healing.

Additionally, 5% of my annual earnings are donated to reparations for the BIPOC communities in Oregon.

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Anti-Racism: Testimonials


This article in USA today exposes the exclusionary culture around wellness and yoga. Click on the title to read on and educate yourself.

Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals: How to Show up Better: 
101 Crash Course covering anti-racism practices for wellness professionals

So I've decided to make anti-racism a core part of my practice, what's next?
This course is going to teach how to do the work of creating diversity and inclusion in your wellness practice.

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Tree Pose

Radical Rest- Health Justice for Social Change 

This free service connects BIPOC organizers and racial justice workers with healers in the Portland community for therapeutic sessions. They believe in the "self emergent, self organizing, self adaptive capacity of the body when given the space and conditions for wellness. ALL PEOPLE have a natural right to those conditions."

Anti-Racism: Testimonials