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Every session is tailored specifically for YOU on a custom Thai floor mat.


Thai Medicine is an ancient healing system that sees people through the lens of elemental meditation: wind, earth, fire and water. Depending on the person's needs, treatments may combine Swedish massage with acupressure, deep compression, stretching and passive range of motion. The client is fully clothed for the session and the practitioner uses their whole body to bring them through a range of postures to promote relaxation. Cupping and Scraping techniques may be utilized on tissues to promote new cell regeneration.


Craniosacral therapy is a subtle healing art that monitors the production and absorption of cerebral spinal fluid produced around the brain. This fluid contains homeostatic properties for the whole body's systems, not just our skull and sacrum. It is a deep listening practice with profound effects. Craniosacral therapy assists the body in unwinding deep tensions and holding patterns.


Our bellies hold a tremendous amount of unconscious tension throughout our life and can benefit insurmountably from massage! Just like our muscles get "tight," our organs can get restricted from that same kind of tension. Abdominal massage stimulates the vagus nerve, down regulates our nervous system and is an immune booster! Great for digestion, reproductive health, back pain, neck pain, stress, anxiety and body image.


Everything is energy. The power of human touch transcends what we can comprehend as humans and I believe deeply in holding therapeutic space for my clients energetically. This work is not about me. We were brought together in each session for a reason, and I am honored to have permission to give you therapeutic touch. All movement is movement, no matter how big or small. What matters most is safety for your nervous system to do its own healing.

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